S A M  J E D I G 


Born in Denmark


Studio: Sweden and Denmark

Solo Exhibition  (Selected)

2014, Corridor, Project, Reykavik,Iceland

2009 Taastrup Kulturcenter

2007 Codanhus, Wish You Were Here

2006 Wish You Were Here, Gallery Kambur, Iceland

2005 Wish you were here, together with Kristian Hornsleth, Gallery NB, Roskilde

2004 The artist of the Year, Nordea, Palæfløjen, Roskilde

2004 Wish You Were Here, Gallery North, Copenhagen

2003 Untitled, Hoffmann Kunsthandel, Sønderborg

2002 Natur/Kulturfragment, Hoffmann Kunsthandel, Sønderborg

1998 I Will take your money, but not your soul, Hedeboegnens Kunstkreds, Taastrup

1992 Natur/Kulturfragment, Hedboegnens Kunstkreds

1983 Strøget, SDC, Copenhagen

1980 A Place, Ohio, USA

Group Exhibition  (Selected)

2019 KIKSHH, Roskiled with Dove Bradshaw and Aske Sigurd Kraul, POP UP, Cube Project

2018 On View

2015 On View6

2014 William Anthony and Artstamp, Contemporaryart,  Zagreb, Kroatia

2012 Stalke Galleri

2011 Artstamp+Guest, Kunsthal Braenderigaarden, Viborg

2011 Hvad er Samtidskunst, Museum of Contemporary Art, Roskilde

2010 Christmas Show, Gallery Poulsen, Copenhagen

2010 Kunstpanorama, Regionalen, Roskilde

2009”ONE” Stalke Up North, Curator Dove Bradshaw

        Carl Andre, Melissa Kretschmer, Janet Passehl, Lone Mertz, Torben Ebbesen

        Søren Dahlgaard, Kristian Hornsleth, Dove Bradshaw and William   Anastasi, Sam Jedig

2007 Group Shows, Gallery Poulsen, Copenhagen

2007 Kunstpanorama, 48 Artist, Roskilde

2007 Banegaarden, Åbenraa

2004 The world behind us, together with Gunnar Örn, Hedeboegnens Kunstkreds

2003 Gallery Art E. Factum, Ikast

2002 Grand opening show, Galleri Kirke Sonnerup

1998 Artforum Berlin, Curator Lars Bent Petersen and Frans Jacobi, Berlin

1998 10 years (part ll), Stalke Galleri, Copenhagen

1996 Group show, Stalke Galleri, Copenhagen

1993 Group show, Stalke Galleri, Copenhagen

1991 Stalke Kunsthandel, Copenhagen

1986 Upcoming, Galleri Nørregade, Copenhagen

1983 Carlsberg Museum, Copenhagen

1983 Galleri Jedig, Copenhagen

1982 Opening show, Galleri Jedig, Copenhagen

Gallerier/Galleriprojekter  (Sam Jedig Founder)

2008 Guest


2007 Stalke Out of Space Cube  idea

2002 -2005 Galleri Kirke Sonnerup (Stalke Galleri)

2002 Stalke Collection

1992 Stalke Kunsthandel, Copenhagen

1991 Stalke Out Of Space

1988-91 MEZZANNINIEN, Copenhagen

1987 Stalke Galleri

1984- Galleri Nørregade

1982-87 Galleri Jedig


2013 Danish Art

2012 Time Squere, New York

2011 Remember Me, Spain by the Sea

2009 Subway Drawing, Copenhagen – Holte, Artist William Anastasi

2009 Bodywork, Artist William Anastasi

2006 Keep Talking

2004 Wish You Were Here


2011 Kunsthal Brænderigården, Text by Jacob Lillemose

200110 Years Stalke Out Of Space, Test By Jacob Lillemose, Birgitte Kirchoff and Tina Bundgaard

2000 Sam Jedig, Natur/Kultur Fragment, Interview t by Kristian Hornsleth

1997  10 Years, Text by Olafur Eliasson and Frans Jacobi


Esbjerg Kunstmuseum, Video Anastasi

Museum of Contemporary Art, Roskilde

Vestsjællands Kunstmuseum (

CUBE PROJECTS/performance:

2020  La Palma, Spain

2020 Towards Sierra Nevada, Andalusia Spain, Walking Cube

2019 Towards Vulcano Hekla,

2018 Norway, Performance,

2017 Stalke Out Of Space Cubeland,  Sweden

2007 First Cube at Kambur, (in process)

ARTSTAMP.DK/projecter: Selected

2020 REMEMBER ME, Andalusia Spain

2020 Dublin Streetart

2019 London, Streetart

2015 C40, Streetart, Berlin

2013 Unknown Heroes, Andalusia, spaine

2012 New York, Street Art

2011 Berlin, Street Art

2011 Spain, Street Art and Performance

2006 Wish You Were Here, Europe, Performance